Artificial Lift

Increase in word energy demand has encouraged the producers to search for methods to improve production and economics for oil wells. Artificial lift improves the production and economics by increasing flow rates and optimizing the production cycle of oil and gas reservoirs. It is one of the most important methods to boost oil production from oil well. Artificial lift solutions are designed to overcome bottom-hole pressure to enable a well to produce at the desired rate. This typically involves either using a pump or injecting gas to reduce its hydrostatic pressure to provide additional lift pressure downhole.


We are PFAST team. PFAST systems are certainly capable of being working the most extreme downhole environments. High temperature and pressure, fluid-borne abrasives, high gas fractions, scale, and variable flow rates are common. Each threat is directly addressed by innovative technologies in our ESP systems. Our technology, superior service, and expertise widen the performance gap to our closest competitors.


We design the most optimum option fit to your need in Artificial Lift. Provide data, receive your selection.


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Field Service

Integrated and timely services are provided by us in field operation. RIH and POOH are our specialties. We do them accurate and safe.

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